Non-Conformist Russian Painters

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This is the book edited for the exhibition of Non-Conformist Russian Painters in the Spiritual & Cultural Russian Center Paris, 1 Quai Branly, November 2017… If you wish to buy the book, click here!

Whoever they are called “non-official », “second avant-garde”, “dissidents”, “underground” or “non-conformist”, the Russian painters who opposed, at the risk of their lives, from the end of the 1950s, the formal canons of Soviet official art, socialist realism, deeply marked the history of Russia.

With the fall of the Wall in 1989 and the newfound freedom, the “non-conformist saga” ends. This movement was defined and existed only by a common will: the freedom to paint and to exhibit, the freedom to express oneself and live.

Painters despised, scorned or persecuted, often forced into exile, with their works confiscated, destroyed or exported … these artists today come out of oblivion and shadow to fill this void left in the history of the Russian art.

The nonconformist saga thus marks the birth of a myth. A mobilizing myth for painting and painters of the nineteenth century.

This book – which is primarily a collector’s itinerary – was born from the meeting with Sacha Gleser, poet, friend and prominent historical promoter of Russian nonconformist painters.

The roads of Sacha Gleser and Victor Scherrer, industrialist and author, cross over thirty years ago at the Moulin de Senlis, in Montgeron, headquarters of the Association for the Aid to Russian Refugees in France. Sacha Gleser then becomes the mentor of Victor Scherrer and the guide in the development of this collection. Revealed for the first time to the general public, this exceptional private collection has been built for thirty years on the occasion of trips to Russia and meetings with many non-conformist painters in Moscow and Paris.