Opening of Hiperfoto-Brasil March 15th in Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Here is finally a good reason to publish news on our blog. We are opening the 4th museum exhibition on the hyperphotos of the artist J-f Rauzier in Sao Paulo on March 15th at 6 pm at CCSP in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

We are finishing a cycle of stays that began more than four years ago from Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia and Salvador de Bahia. The photographer took more than 30,000 shots that allowed him to make more than 40 works of rather large format. Each of these works contains over 2000 shots for the most part.
But his digital collages, inspired by those of David Hockney, always impress the viewer, because they also broadcast a dreamlike poetry that characterizes the personality of Rauzier.

"Passagem Literaria", 2017, Sao Paulo, 180x300cm
“Passagem Literária”, 2017, Sao Paulo, 180x300cm

Here is one of the most impressive works of an underground passage in Sao Paulo near the corner Consolação and Paulista. You may zoom to see all details! All books, posters, vinyl records, labels are legible.
He is an artist who could be one of the official photographers of Unesco. He photographs all the architectural and artistic heritage of humanity and presents it in such a way as to inspire the intelligences of the future.

I’m looking to seeing you March 15Th at 6pm in Centro Cultural Sao Paulo, avenida Vergueiro, 1000, Liberdade SP.

Invitation to the opening of hiperfoto-brasil in march
Invitation to the opening of hiperfoto-brasil in march