Specialist of communication strategies on the Internet since 1995 and more specifically social networks since 2003, working for the companies of SBF120 and French ministries, I develop my technological and sensitive view on the heritage of humanity.
From my consulting firm KdbPartners, linked to a network of bloggers and referent developers, I have developed solutions, with measurement criteria for brands and media personalities, to win a benevolent audience of thousands of people who will be available at any time to relay a message. I recently completed a great adventure by accelerating the reputation and positioning of the association Eden since 2011, which struggles to reduce the carbon footprint in buildings and mobility.

On the other hand, I accompany executives to win their technological and human challenges with algorithms (Blockchain, Data …) and projects to promote artistic heritage. I intervene in conferences or workshops on the technological stakes of the safeguarding of the endangered artistic inheritance and in its promotion. That’s why I’m also the advisor to a number of artists like JF-Rauzier, the architectural heritage photographer or even galleries looking for new talent and can not afford to visit the many art fairs.

Our clients are in the financial sectors, including family office, life sciences including the environment and nutrition, Real Estate and the digital economy. We can mention a few companies that have been listening to us for over fifteen years: Caixa Seguradora, l’Oréal, HLD, energy balance, Eco-Emballages, United Way, La Poste, Ricol & Lasteyrie, Eurazeo, AplusFinance, Suez, Saint Gobain , Transamine, François Renier … and others that do not disclose their name.

I accompany institutional and private collectors to enhance their heritage and share it with the public in Europe and in Brazil since 2013 with KDBPartners Consultoria Ltda in Rio de Janeiro.

“Protect and take ownership of our heritage because it is our identity and our future”

Our new challenge with partners like ; art historians, curators, collectors, is to open more public spaces to artistic expression and especially to photography. The photo evolves even faster than the digital one with hybrid creations of several media and partial movements of the image. The photo remains the first opportunity to start a collection without a real purchasing power.

For example, the shopping center “Polygone Riviera” located in Cagnes-Sur-Mer has decided to acquire a permanent collection and organize temporary exhibitions to increase the flow of visits and develop human experiences.
It should be noted that the contemporary art market is experiencing a 88% increase in value over the past eighteen years, due in large part to the opening of museums. More than 300 museums were created by private collectors in 2015!
Shopping centers are becoming a place of life for many urban and rural dwellers and meet the need for brand experiences, entertainment and now visual arts. According to the French Ministry of Culture, more than 40% of art collectors acquired their first work before the age of thirty.

The FotoFever Fair experiment created by the visionary Cécile Schall became the third photo event after the Rencontres d’Arles and Paris Photos. Another leading partner, The Photo Brussels Festival has become an institutional rendez-vous of photo collectors from all Europe, thanks to Delphine Dumont. Our travels in the world’s leading art fairs, allows us to identify emerging talents in search of real galleries …

You know a collection that deserves to be shared and valued, write to me at : bdussauge at kdbpartners dot com