Since 1985, Bertrand Dussauge, founder of KDBPartners, has become the specialist in the design, realization, promotion and management of cultural and social events with digital techniques between Europe and Brazil. Kdb Partners’ vision is based on a number of beliefs: the protection and enhancement of the artistic heritage and its history; the search for the conceptual artistic expression of any community that asks questions; the observation of the cultural and social expression in the companies, the meeting of the disadvantaged people with instructive emotional performances, flooded with kindness and curiosity..

This year, the unpublished Vedute by Jean-François Rauzier are the buzz of the “Photo Brussels Festival” on November 16, 2018, HangAr, place du Chatelain in Brussels.

Detail “Veduta Brussels” with legends, 2018, 180x300cm JFRauzier

The Photo Brussels Festival is a success like never, this year. The Hangar gallery, place du Châtelain Ixelles, has decided to continue visits until the end of January, by appointment only.

I invite you to contact me if you want to see the heritage Veduta of Brussels JF Rauzier (see below) which is a hit and of which there are only a few copies left for sale … Happy Holidays!

Veduta2 Bruxelles, 2018, 150x250cm, JF Rauzier

Following the fires that ravaged several unique collections of Brazilian museums, KDBPartners will launch a very high-resolution scan program, (50 microns) of art works still under threat in Sao Paulo and others cities. This partnership with French Iconem world 3D scan leader of architecture and Japanese industrialist FujiFilm, patent holder, begins in 2019 to safeguard a copy of the heritage of humanity.

Also, we plan to show the works of the school of Nice with Yves Klein, and may be the first cubists. In the meantime, we are going to invite for a Carioca residency a photographer of the dawn, Jean-Michel Berts. Also for a live show, we’ve invited the inventor of the cinema-theater Marc Hollogne or “Marciel” who made a moving adaptation of the Brazil’s history …

Hiperfoto-Brasil : With the official support of the French Institute for the four museum exhibitions of the French photographer Jean-François RAUZIER, the first exhibition was inaugurated on August 18, 2015 in Rio de Janeiro at the “Museu Historico Nacional” with more than thirty hyperphotos of large format (about 5m2). Our Brazilian company, KDBPartners Consultoria, produces these museum exhibitions in the biggest cities of Brazil

“Pelô”, 2016, 150x250cm. Veduta pelourinho Salvador da Bahia. Lambda photo. JFRauzier

The other three exhibitions were a success in April 2016 in Brasilia (Museu Nacional da Republica) and in November 2016 in Salvador de Bahia (MAM). The latest monumental event presented the hundred works made in Brazil, in the economic capital of South America with the twenty million consumers of the great Sao Paulo in March 2018.

“Gabriella”, 2015, 150x250cm. Fine Arts College Parque Lage in Rio de Janeiro.


Close-up of children's drawings behind the windows of major cities in the Americas and Asia
Close-up of children’s drawings behind the windows of major cities in the Americas and Asia