Companies have an intangible heritage made up of the stories of: patents, brands, designs, words, algorithms ... often unrecognized by the innovators of the company, yet heirs of these stories and this identity. Technologies like scanners, AI, NFT and some artists / writers reveal these heritages with us to bring them to life. Massage of neurons and emotions stimulates creativity and energy. Join us to pay tribute, with all our senses, to the scientific heritage left by G. Eiffel ...

The Neokid association, placed under the aegis of the King Baudoin Foundation, creates links with public readings of selected extracts from literature. The soft goal is to teach the mastery of the oldest medium that shares quantum energies, to read stories to all children and all isolated human beings?

KDB PartnersKDB delivers intangible heritage engineering, to raise innovators' awareness, heirs of a history and an identity.

We celebrate creators' anniversary with a selection of artists in residence with employees, who will produce digital and printed artworks a whole year.

Pour sensibiliser la conscience des créateurs, héritiers d'une histoire et d'une identité.